Think and do Tank

BRIL in the 5.0 Economy

For a long time, the development of technology was exclusively based on its ability to promote economic growth. But a new vision has moved global leaders: the 5.0 Society.

In this model, the value of technology is attributed to its ability to integrate social evolution into economic growth. Inspired by a 5.0 Economy, BRIL presents a path to connect its network to this new moment of global innovation.

Think Tank BRIL

Is the center of strategic thought at BRIL that brings together specialists from different areas of activity to identify solutions in Israeli innovation for the various challenges of the Brazilian market.
The Think Tank then brings together a specialized group of executives, authorities and entrepreneurs dedicated to the topic for a discussion of the highest caliber.

Amazon Tech

1st Think Tank Bril initiative

Innovation has been confirmed as a bridge to the future of the relationship between private initiative and Amazonian biodiversity. By fostering purposeful discussions, BRIL presents advanced Israeli technology to generate value in line with the demands and perspectives of Economy 5.0.